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You can now watch unlimited TV or On Demand Movies for the duration of the plan you have chosen.

Your Login ID is your phone number: 9747796575054


To Login to or on Nepal On Demand app, enter your phone number in the following format. 

Country code followed by the phone number. For eg, if your phone number is 12345678, then enter 97412345678. 


You can Cancel at any time you wish. To cancel your subscription Text CANCEL to 92852. 

If you need a new password, Text PASSWORD to 92852.


If you want to see details on this page again, Text HELP to 92852


How to Watch

To start watching, download the app from


Android Store Link (

Apple iOS Store Link (


You can watch Nepal On Demand direct on TV if you have an Amazon FireStick.

Alternatively, you can search Nepal On Demand on Android/ iOS / Amazon Firestick stores. 

If you need to see this page again and for all other questions, text HELP to 92852 or visit

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