switch your energy supply to gnergy and get 6 months of nepal on demand free

GnERGY is a community led enterprise offering very competitive energy tariffs and in keeping with the true Nepali spirit we support all other quality Nepali services.In doing so we have partnered with Music Nepal that offers you the best Nepali entertainment package and to enjoy this FREE for six months all you need to do is switch over your energy supply to GnERGY. Not only does this grant you the opportunity to save money but also get a taste of pure and unlimited Nepali entertainment.

If you are an existing customer, refer GnERGY to one of your family and friends to enjoy the six -month FREE Nepal On Demand when they join Gnergy! If you refer to more than one person and both of them join, enjoy 6 MORE months of Nepal On Demand absolutely FREE.

GnERGY is also running a SAVE THE ZOO IN NEPAL campaign to ensure proper management and welfare of the animals in captivity.

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For more details on GnERGY visit www.Gnergy.co.uk or Call 01252 494141 (9:00 to 17:00 - Monday to Friday)

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